Vaccines are Vital


There are growing concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic could threaten global immunisation uptake. Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) is encouraging everyone, everywhere, to take up the routine vaccinations available to them.


Meningitis Research Foundation Ambassador Danny Sweatman has endured the very rare experience of losing two family members – his brothers Ryan and Joe – to meningitis.

You can see a short video telling his story below.

There has been a growing trend of vaccine hesitation. There is now more misinformation about vaccinations and healthcare in general during the current pandemic. Addressing this so-called ‘infodemic’ of inaccurate health advice is one of the main goals in the Immunisation department of Public Health England.  Please follow the link to the NHS page, which explains how vaccines work, what they contain and the most common side effects.

Why Vaccination is Safe and Important – Why vaccination is safe and important


Three steps to spotting misinformation

Where is it from?

A reliable piece of information will have a clear, familiar source.

What’s missing?

Trustworthy information contains the full story, often with trackable data and/or quotes from known authority figures.

How do you feel?

Misinformation takes advantage of emotions to prompt a reaction.

More Information

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