COVID-19 Vaccine

Please do not call the surgery regarding the Covid vaccine. Appointments are being managed by a central booking office and invitation letters are being sent to all eligible patients when their appointments are due.

The invitation process is managed centrally and not by Overton Park Surgery and we have no control over this process. This is not done by household, so very often household members will get invites at different times.

The vaccinations will be carried out at the Cheltenham East Fire Station.

Housebound patients will be contacted by the surgery when the vaccinations become available.

Care home and nursing patients will be receiving the vaccination in those settings as now.

Healthcare professionals are required to contact Redwood House to arrange their vaccinations.

Once the first phase has been completed, other age groups will be invited in cohorts by age, this may take a few weeks and we are waiting for information from NHS England about this.

Why has my second dose been rescheduled?

The UK Chief Medical Officers have agreed a longer timeframe between first and second doses (up to 12 weeks) so that more people can get their first dose quickly, and because the evidence shows that one dose still offers a high level of protection after two weeks.

This decision will allow the NHS to get the maximum benefit for the most people in the shortest possible time and will help save lives.

Getting both doses remains important so we would urge people to keep their appointment for the second dose when offered.

If you are in a priority group, please wait for your GP surgery/NHS to contact you about your vaccination.