Cervical Screening – Tips to help you feel more comfortable

If you’re embarrassed about cervical screening, you’re not alone! The nurse or doctor will help put you at ease. Remember, they perform these screenings regularly. Here are some tips to help you.

Tip 1 – Wear a skirt or long jumper which you can keep on during the test. If you forget, don’t worry, you’ll be given something to cover yourself with.

Tip 2 – Ask for a smaller speculum. Speculums come in different sizes, so speak to your nurse to discuss your needs.

Tip 3 – Ask to lie in a different position if lying on your back makes you feel uncomfortable. You can ask to lie on your left-hand side with your knees bent. Or speak to your nurse or doctor to see what they suggest.

Tip 4 – Try relaxation techniques. Your nurse or doctor can recommend breathing techniques to try. Listening to a podcast or music may also help you relax or distract you.

Tip 5 – Take someone you trust to your appointment. You may also be able to take someone to the appointment. Please check with your GP practice when booking your appointment.

Do talk to your nurse or doctor during the test and remember you are in control. If you missed your last cervical screening, book an appointment with your GP practice now.

Cervical screening can help stop cancer before it starts.