Training Practice

We are a Training practice

We undertake the training of GP registrars in their training to become GPs of the future and for undergraduate medical students.

You will be asked if you are comfortable with seeing a trainee before your consultation and you may request that you are only seen by a GP.

We currently have 4 approved GP trainers in the practice: Dr Nelson, Dr Morgan, Dr Coker and Dr Fox, however all of the doctors take part in training activities and training brings huge benefits which includes being organised, keeping up to date and improving access to patients.

We train from undergraduate level (medical students) to postgraduate level (foundation doctors and specialist trainees). Dr Copps co-ordinates medical students in the practice. Our practice is a “community teaching practice” for King’s College London School of Medicine. With the supervision of a doctor or nurse, medical students may, with your consent, join your consultation.

This is one way medical students learn to develop their consultation and examination skills, understand patient views about their care and become good doctors. Medical students really value their placements in general practice, and it plays a vital role in their training. Please let your doctor or practice manager know if you have any questions about our community medical teaching.

Foundation doctors are qualified doctors. Whilst they can see patients alone and prescribe medication they are still relatively junior and do so under the close supervision of one of the trainers.

Specialist trainees are also qualified doctors but with more experience and are training to be GPs. They will fulfil all the roles of a GP but are still under some supervision.

When booking or attending your appointment you should be informed which doctor you are seeing and what their role is. If you do not want to see one of our trainees then that is your choice, however our experience of them is that they are highly competent doctors who provide an excellent service.

Thank you for being part of the future of the NHS.