Summary Care Record

The Summary Care Record and the sharing of basic information helps clinicians in A & E Departments and ‘Out of Hours’ health services to give you safe, timely and effective treatment. Your patient record will be held securely on confidentially on our electronic system, and will only be accessed by authorised healthcare professionals directly involved in your care. You will be asked if healthcare staff can look at your information every time they need to, unless it is an emergency and they are unable to; for instance if you are unconscious.

With your permission, this information will be shared electronically via:

1. SCR – NHS Summary care Record (used nationally across England)

2. Gloucestershire Shared Health And Social care Information (Joining up your information – JUYI) Used locally across Gloucestershire.

3. Enhanced Data Sharing Model in SystmOne (EDSM) (Used nationally across all healthcare providers using SystmOne.

Your Summary Care Record contains basic information about:

  • Your current medications
  • Any allergies you have
  • Any bad reactions you have had to medicines

**SCR with Additional information can be added upon request to your GP practice. The Overton Park GPs recommend this setting. It includes:

  • Significant problems (past and present)
  • Significant procedures (past and present)
  • Anticipatory care information
  • End of life care information – as per EOLC dataset ISB 1580
  • Immunisations.

Gloucestershire services (JUYI) and other users of the SystmOne clinical system contains information about:

  • Your current medications
  • Any allergies you have
  • Any bad reactions you have had to medicines
  • Your medical history and diagnoses
  • Test results and X-ray reports
  • Your vaccination history
  • General health readings such as blood pressure
  • Your appointments, hospital admissions, GP out-of-hours attendances and ambulance calls
  • Care / management plans
  • Correspondence such as referral letters and discharge summaries.

Please note that these records are not connected with the Health and Social Care Information Centre project and will be used only for the purpose of enabling informed care to be supplied directly to you as an individual.

Parents, guardians or someone with power of attorney can ask for people in their care to be opted out, but ultimately it is the GP’s decision whether to share information, or not, because of their duty of care.

If you are caring for someone and feel that they are able to understand, then you should make the information about the different methods of sharing available to them.

Please tell us if you happy for us to share this electronic information with clinicians in other NHS organisations (and Gloucestershire County Council social care in the case of JUYI) who are involved in your care.