How to make an appointment

You can make an appointment in the following ways:

Due to the pandemic, we are following NHS England guidelines to keep our staff and patients safe.  This has significantly changed how we see patients at the practice, and has meant an increased use of technology across our services. You will likely have a telephone or video appointment with a clinician, and only be brought into the practice if necessary. Please follow all instructions from staff.

If coming into the practice, please:

  • Wear a mask or face covering if you have one.
  • Check in at the reception hatch upon arrival. This is on the right hand side by the front door, at the window.
  • You will then be asked to wait back in your car/in the car park and the clinician will fetch you for your appointment. This will minimise possible infection by asymptomatic individuals, and ensure that social distancing can be maintained.
  • If you are not able to wait outside for your appointment due to mobility, please ask the Receptionist to let you inside through the main door where you can be seated.
  • If you have any symptoms please do not come into the surgery. Call us to rearrange your appointment.

Prescription Requests

We encourage all patients to sign up for online services to manage their prescriptions. You can request to register via our Register for Online Services form.

If you would prefer to have another family member order for you, you can request a Proxy Access online account for them. Please make this clear in your request to the practice, and the IT Manager will arrange this.

You can also use the Prescription Ordering Line on 0300 4211215.

  • Please do not come down to the surgery with a written request.
  • Please do not put your paper request in the post box .
  • We do not accept prescription requests over the phone.

Minor Operations and Procedures

You will need to speak to a GP before you can be booked for procedures such as contraceptive implants and cryotherapy.

Urine Samples

We are only accepting samples at GP’s request, and are not accepting unsolicited samples. Patients must call to speak to a GP first.

GP appointments

Patients will need to call us to book a telephone appointment. All appointments will first be telephone triaged by a GP then, if the GP feels they need to see you, they will invite you in for a face to face meeting.  Even if you are confident that you need to be seen in person, you will still need to be telephoned by the doctor first.

Please note that telephone calls are morning or afternoon, and not at specific times. Please ensure we have a contact number that we can call reliably.

We have some future bookable appointments available. Please speak to reception.

Nurse and Healthcare Assistant (HCA) Appointments

Immunisations are taking place, and it is important that patients receive these when they are invited.

Cervical smear examinations are taking place for patients who have been invited.  You must have received an invitation by letter from the cervical screening program.

Annual reviews for long term conditions (e.g. diabetes, COPD) have resumed. These will be telephone appointments where  possible, with blood tests in advance where necessary.

Blood tests will be conducted at the request of a clinician or hospital. Please specify who requested the test and if have form or not. If you wish to discuss having a blood test, you will need to book a telephone appointment with a GP first to assess if it is needed.

B12 injections will only be given if a GP has authorised this. Patients who have been prescribed B12 will have been sent a letter advising oral supplements, in line with NHS guidance.

Pill checks will be done by a nurse if there are no problems. If you are having an issue or wish to discuss an alternative contraceptive, you will need a telephone appointment with a GP.

Private Work

Please email the Secretaries at to request form completions and other non-NHS work.