About Us

Overton Park Surgery is a friendly, modern GP practice in the centre of Cheltenham.

The practice has a long and notable history. It was established in 1899 by Doctor Grace Harwood Steward Billings, the first female GP in Cheltenham. Now we are a very busy and pro-active training practice, with a practice population of 12,972 patients.

To find out more about the history of the practice, please view our Practice History page.

All our clinical rooms are on the ground floor, and the building is fully accessible to wheelchair users. Please be advised that there is limited parking on our site, and is primarily for the use of less mobile patients, expectant mothers and parents of young children.

The practice team aim to provide a holistic and personal approach to health care with the patient at the centre of decision making.

To find out more about Overton Park Surgery, view our practice charter.